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qRFC communication consists of nothing more than tRFC communication with a preceding inbound queue and outbound queue. tRFC communication is typically constructed as follows:

tRFC Communication


            REPORT rstrfct0. 

            CALL FUNCTION 'rfc_function'
             DESTINATION rfcdest
             ( AS SEPARATE UNIT )
             EXPORTING ...

             TABLES ...

            COMMIT WORK.



All data that belongs to a tRFC call (CALL FUNCTION... IN BACKGROUND TASK) in an LUW is saved to two internal tables with a transaction ID (TID).

At COMMIT WORK time, the contents of these internal tables to the database (ARFCSSTATE and ARFCSDATA). The RFC Manager then requires a DIALOG work process to send this LUW to the partner system.

More Information

You can find detailed information about qRFC design in: