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The AS Java must be able to access the database of the AS Java.


In emergency situations, you can activate the emergency user SAP* to enable you to log on to applications, in particular the configuration tools, and change the configuration. Such situations include the following:

  • You configured user management incorrectly and can no longer log on to any applications

  • You configured the data source incorrectly and the SAP NetWeaver Application Server (AS) does not start

  • All administrator users are locked

The SAP* user has full administrator authorizations. For security reasons, the SAP* user does not have a default password, so you must specify a password when you activate the user.


Once you have activated the SAP* user, no other user can log in to the system.


  1. Activate the SAP* user:

    1. Start the config tool for editing user management engine (UME) properties as described in Editing UME Properties .

    2. Set the following properties:






      This activates the SAP* user.



      Enter any password of your choice. This defines the password for the SAP* user.

    3. Restart the AS Java.

    The SAP* user is now activated. While it is activated, all other users are deactivated. You can only log on with the SAP* user.

  2. Fix your configuration as required, logging on with the user ID SAP* and the password you specified.

  3. When you have fixed your configuration, deactivate the SAP* user again.

    1. Start the config tool for editing UME properties.

    2. Set the property ume.superadmin.activated to false.

    3. Restart the AS Java.