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Starting TREX with the TREX Admin Tool


On UNIX: Since the TREX admin tool has a graphical interface, you need an X server. You cannot use a terminal program that only supports text mode, such as telnet.

  1. Log on with the <sapsid>adm user.

  2. Start the TREX admin tool by entering the following:

    cd <TREX_DIR>


  3. In the TREX admin tool, navigate to the Landscape Services area and then go to the MC tab page.

  4. You can start TREX by choosing the SAP System: Start button or by selecting the TREX host, opening its context menu with the secondary mouse button, and selecting the relevant option. You can start Selected Hosts or All Hosts for a landscape.

Starting TREX with the Shell Script

  1. Log on locally to the host on which the TREX instance is installed with the <sapsid>adm user.

  2. Execute the script startsap in any directory:

    1. To stop a single TREX instance, enter the following:

      startsap TRX<instance_number>

      In the parameter TRX<instance_number>, you specify which TREX instance is to be started.

    2. To start all SAP instances - including all TREX instances - on a host, enter the following: