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In the configuration of the TREX alert server, you can set the e-mail function and put together check sets.


You configure the TREX alert server in the Start of the navigation path Landscape Next navigation step Alert Server Configuration End of the navigation path area in the TREX Admin Tool (Standalone).


Configuration of the E-Mail Function

The following parameters can be specified for the e-mail function:



Mail Sender

Specification of a valid e-mail address, from which e-mails are sent in the event of errors


Mail Recipients

Comma-separated list of recipients who are to be informed by e-mail


Mail Subject

Specification of a subject for the e-mails to be sent

The following subject, which contains variables, is used by default:

SAP TREX (%SID%%INSTANCE%) - AlertServer Status Change for %NUMCHECKS% checks

Send Mails

If necessary, you can deactivate the e-mail function.

no: Deactivates the e-mail function

yes: Activates the e-mail function

SMTP Server

Specification of the SMTP server used to send the e-mails


To check the configuration of the e-mail function, choose Send Test Mail. This sends an e-mail to the specified recipients. Then check the recipients'inboxes.

Configuration of the Display

The following parameters contain default values that fit the majority of requirements. You can change the values, if required.



Max. History Age

Specifies the maximum age of the entries on the History tab page in seconds.

Default entry: 604800 seconds (one week)

Max. History Entries

Specifies the maximum number of entries that are displayed on the History tab page.

Default entry: 1000

Max. Result Age

Specifies the time in seconds that the results of a check run are valid for.

If this value is exceeded, the system starts a new check run.

Default entry: 30 seconds

Configuration of Check Sets

For more information about the configuration of check sets, see Checks and Check Sets.


Start the TREX admin tool (stand-alone) and navigate to the Landscape: Alert window. To call up the configuration, choose Alert Server Configuration.

Make the required entries.

To save the entries, choose Save. To cancel processing, choose Cancel.


In the case of a distributed TREX system, the configuration is transferred automatically to all hosts.