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An RFC server program can be registered with the Gateway and wait for incoming RFC call requests.

This new registering feature has the following features:

  • An RFC server program registers itself under a programID at an Gateway and not for a specific SAP system.

  • In an SAP system, the destination must be defined with transaction SM59, using connection type T and Register Mode. Moreover, this entry must contain information about the Gateway at which the RFC server program is registered.

  • After executing an RFC function, the RFC connection is closed. If this RFC server program works with RfcListenAndDispatch in a loop (this procedure is recommended), it is automatically registered again at the same Gateway under the same program ID and can then wait for further RFC call requests from the same SAP system or from other SAP systems.



The following properties must be specified for the RFC destination in transaction SM59:

  • Connection Type T

  • Register Mode

RFC Server

As a registered server the RFC server uses the initial function RfcRegisterServer.


If the RFC server is started by the application server, it must use the function RfcStartServer.


If an RFC server is registered on an RFC gateway, it is generally possible to send calls from other SAP systems (not relevant to this gateway) or from external RFC clients to this server. If, for security reasons, the server should only be able to be called by specified systems or users, the server must implement its own logon data check and reject unwanted initiators.


For detailed information on executing this logon check refer to SAP Note 1058327.

More Information

You can find general information on RFC API security issues here: