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With NW RFC SDK, the procedure for passing parameters has been simplified considerably.

There are two ways to determine the parameters to be used:

  • Dynamic retrieval from the SAP system

  • Static specification in the initialization procedure

You can now use an extensive "get/set" function set to specify parameters for any purpose instead of filling the former structures RF_PARAMETER or RFC_TABLE .

The procedure for passing import, export, changing, and table parameters (respectively structures) has been unified so you can use similar functions for each parameter type.

Creating and Manipulating Table Parameters

Tables passed as parameters to an RFC function must match SAP internal tables in their structure and handling.

As a result:

  • To create a table parameter for sending, use the routine RfcCreateTable . This routine creates a control structure (defined as RFC_TYPE_DESC_HANDLE ) for a table just like the one the SAP system creates automatically for internal tables.

  • To manipulate a table passed to or from the SAP system (for example: to access, append, or delete rows and so on), you can use the table-handling routines provided by the API.

Further Information

You can find a description of all functions used for passing parameters in the NW RFC SDK function reference:

The following example program shows how tables and structures can be handled: