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The SAP System's RFC API (application programming interface) can be installed on external systems and used to implement RFC programs. The API consists of library routines you call to communicate with an RFC partner. These routines (implemented in C) perform the communications calls and other tasks needed to handle either the caller or receiver side of the communication. (The RFC interface in the SAP System handles the other side.)

SAP's Remote Function Call API consists of:

  • Include file saprfc.h (data and function definitions)

  • An API function library

    This library is named librfc.a, librfc.dll, librfc.lib, librfc32.dll, librfc32.lib, librfc16.dll, librfc2.dll, librfc3.dll, librfc4.dll, librfc5.dll, librfc16.lib, depending on your system. Routines in the RFC API are described in the following:

    RFC Client Function Reference

    RFC Server Function Reference

    Table-Handling Function Reference

    Transactional Function Reference

    Extended Function Reference

    includepicture /SAPIrExtHelp/standard.asp?name=hinweis.gif \bmc \d


    For many of these routines, there are extended versions that should be used by Basic programmers. See Extended Function Reference for more information.

    In many of these routines, the token SAP_API is included. SAP_API contains platform-dependent keywords which are neccesary to allow dynamic linking of these function from various environments. On Windows, for example, SAP_API is __extern __pascal __far. Defined in: SAPITAB.H