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Calling a Function in SAP SystemsLocate this document in the navigation structure


In the following example program, an external RFC client connects to an SAP system and calls the function module BAPI_COMPANY_GETDETAIL:

#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include "sapnwrfc.h"

void errorHandling(RFC_RC rc, SAP_UC description[], RFC_ERROR_INFO*
errorInfo, RFC_CONNECTION_HANDLE connection){
        printfU(cU("%s: %d\n"), description, rc);
        printfU(cU("%s: %s\n"), errorInfo->key, errorInfo->message);
/* It's better to close the TCP/IP connection cleanly, than to 
just let the backend get a "Connection reset by peer" error...*/

        if (connection != NULL) RfcCloseConnection(connection, errorInfo);


int mainU(int argc, SAP_UC** argv){
        RFC_RC rc = RFC_OK;
        RFC_CONNECTION_PARAMETER loginParams[6];
        RFC_ERROR_INFO errorInfo;
        RFC_CONNECTION_HANDLE connection;
        RFC_FUNCTION_DESC_HANDLE bapiCompanyDesc;
        RFC_FUNCTION_HANDLE bapiCompany;
        RFC_STRUCTURE_HANDLE returnStructure;
        SAP_UC message[221];
        RFC_BYTE buffer[1105];
        unsigned utf8Len = 1105, resultLen;
        FILE* outFile;


/*Create logon parameter list*/

        loginParams[0].name = cU("ashost");     loginParams[0].value =
        loginParams[1].name = cU("sysnr");      loginParams[1].value = cU("05");
        loginParams[2].name = cU("client");     loginParams[2].value =
        loginParams[3].name = cU("user");       loginParams[3].value =
        loginParams[4].name = cU("lang");       loginParams[4].value =
        loginParams[5].name = cU("passwd");     loginParams[5].value =

/*Open connection*/

        connection = RfcOpenConnection(loginParams, 6, );
        if (connection == NULL) errorHandling(rc, cU("Error during logon"),
, NULL);

/* DYNAMIC METADATA retrieval (can also be executed using STATIC functions)*/

        bapiCompanyDesc = RfcGetFunctionDesc(connection,
        if (bapiCompanyDesc == NULL) errorHandling(rc, cU("Error during
metadata lookup"), , connection);

/*Create function instance*/
bapiCompany = RfcCreateFunction(bapiCompanyDesc, );

        /*Parameter setting*/ 

        RfcSetChars(bapiCompany, cU("COMPANYID"), cU("000007"), 6,


        rc = RfcInvoke(connection, bapiCompany, );
        if (rc != RFC_OK) errorHandling(rc, cU("Error calling
BAPI_COMPANY_GETDETAIL"), , connection);

        /*Getting parameters*/

        RfcGetStructure(bapiCompany, cU("RETURN"), ,
        RfcGetString(returnStructure, cU("MESSAGE"), message, 221,
, );

        /*After having finished the procedure: release memory only if a 'create' function was invoked before*/

        RfcDestroyFunction(bapiCompany, );

        /*Final UTF8-UTF16 conversion*/

        windows.h utf8Len = WideCharToMultiByte(CP_UTF8, 0, message,
strlenU(message), buffer, 1105, NULL, NULL);
        RfcSAPUCToUTF8(message,  strlenU(message), buffer, ,
, );

        outFile = fopen("message.xml", "w");
        fputs("<?xml version=\"1.0\"?>\n<message>", outFile);
        fputs(buffer, outFile);
        fputs("</message>", outFile);
        return 0;