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The structure of the NW RFC SDK consists of different layers, shown in the figure below:

  • API Layer

  • Serializer

  • Transport Layer

Structure of the RFC SDK

Each layer executes a specified function:

  • RFC Application Programming Interface (API).

    This is the entry point for RFC-Library. Any interaction between application and RFC-Library takes place over API only. Additionally represents API the RFC data model at the user point of view.

  • RFC serialization layer

    is responsible for connection management, serialization and deserialization of the RFC payload into sap-proprietary format.

  • RFC Channel

    is the transport layer. This part of the RFC library is responsible for the transport of the serialized RFC stream to the remote partner. RFC channel uses CPIC as the underlying network data transfer protocol.


    The SAP NetWeaver RFC SDK supports the 'old' and the 'new' (basXML) RFC protocol as well.

Further Information

For more information on data processing within the NW RFC API see: