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Transferring the queue name to the qRFC Manager can happen in different ways and depends on whether a qRFC call:

  • is assigned to one or more queues

  • is to be sent to one or more destinations

Different function modules are used to transfer the name depending on the situation.


To transfer the name, proceed as follows:

  • If the qRFC call is only assigned to one outbound queue, call the function module TRFC_SET_QUEUE_NAME.

  • If the qRFC call is assigned to more than one outbound queue, use the function module TRFC_SET_QUEUE_NAME_LIST..


    Note that this links queues together, which reduces performance.

  • If a qRFC call is assigned to an outbound queue and you want to sent the related LUW to different target systems, execute function module TRFC_SET_QUEUE_RECEIVER_LIST.


    In this situation, the qRFC Manager only stores the LUW data in the database once, and then generates a reference counter for the LUW. The data for this LUW is not deleted if the LUW has been successfully executed in all target systems.

  • If your application works with tRFC and qRFC ( Mixed Mode), but the first call is a tRFC call, execute function module TRFC_QUEUE_INITIALIZE to inform the qRFC Manager about it.


    Due to compatibility reasons between tRFC and qRFC, this activity is required when assigning TIDs to the sub LUWs in a LUW. A tRFC contains a TID for different destinations while a qRFC creates different TIDs for different destinations.


The qRFC Manager processes the queues in accordance with your configuration.