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The qRFC is an enhancement of the Transactional RFC (tRFC) that also allows you to send and receive data in a fixed call order.

While the tRFC offers the service quality Exactly Once (EO) (the call is guaranteed to be executed only once), with the qRFC, you can work with the method Exactly Once In Order (EOIO).

The service quality EOIO is important if the data must be posted in the same order in which is was created or sent for business or technical reasons.


The qRFC is based on the same transactional basic function as the tRFC. For this reason, qRFC communication can only take place between tRFC-enabled systems.

The qRFC is enhanced by an additional queuing mechanism, which saves the LUWs to be sent or received in an outbound queue or an inbound queue respectively. These LUWs are sent or transferred to the receiver application in the exact order in which they were saved.

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