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LUW Processing

The qRFC outbound queue controlled using an Outbound Scheduler (QOUT Scheduler). The QOUT Scheduler prompts the transfer of a LUW to a target system when all previous LUWs in this queue have been processed. When one LUW has been executed, the QOUT Scheduler automatically executes the next LUW in the queue.

Queue Properties

When working with qRFC with outbound queue, you need to be aware of the following:

  • The queued RFC with outbound queue causes the pages of the sending system to be serialized. The target system does not need to be informed of this serialization.

  • The data of a LUW (transaction) can be distributed to multiple queues. However, it can only be transferred once all predecessor LUWs in all participating queues have been processed.

  • A queue name and a queue counter are required for each qRFC LUW for queue administration. Each tRFC call that needs to be serialized is assigned a to queue name determined by the application. The application programmer specifies the queue name when calling the function module TRFC_SET_QUEUE_NAME. This occurs directly before each RFC call that needs to be serialized.

More Information

For detailed information on programming the outbound queue, see: