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Executing qRFC Calls LocallyLocate this document in the navigation structure


The qRFC Scheduling mechanism can also be used for local function calls. In this case the receiver system is not different from the caller system. An application can call and use the queuing mechanism in the same system.


To execute internal qRFC calls, the queue to be processed must be registered in transaction SMQS together with a related RFC destination (including log-on data).


Generally you use a logical destination as RFC destination in transaction SM59 and use the destination names NONE or SPACE as reference destinations.

For both NONE and SPACE is processed locally for the function module that is called and is therefore not sent to an external receiver system. The difference between the two destination names is in the selection of the possible application server in the system for qRFC processing:

  • If you use SPACE, the function module can be executed on any application server in the system.

  • If you use NONE, the function module is executed on the application server on which the qRFC call was performed.


    The processing solely on the application server of the caller can, for example, be necessary when the function module called using qRFC needs to access operating system files which are on this application server.