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The list below shows example programs for typical qRFC API calls.

To execute or display a listed program, call transaction SE38 in AS ABAP and enter the relevant program name:


Outbound queue

One outbound queue and one destination, but multiple qRFC calls in a LUW, and a variable number of LUWs.


Outbound queue

Works with tRFC and qRFC in mixed mode with different outbound queues and different destinations for one LUW.


Send queue

Different outbound queues and different destinations for one LUW.


Send queue

Different outbound queues and different LUWs. Some of these LUWs are dependent on other LUWs, to show how the qRFC Manager works.


Send queue

Receiver list in qRFC. Processing of a LUW in different destinations. The qRFC Manager only stores the LUW data once in the database.


Send queue

STOP/RESTART queues (different RESTART conditions)


Send queue

Obtaining qRFC LUWs from an outbound queue that is in the local or the remote system, and processing them in the current SAP system.


Send queue

qRFC in a dialog task and an update task in a LUW (from the application point of view)


Send queue

Queue Name List in qRFC: A qRFC call is assigned to more than one queue.


Send queue

Performance Test with or without receiver list on a running qRFC: Different calls/LUWs/Queues/Destiantions.


Send queue

"Multi-stage" STOP/RESTARTs (at different times)