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Deleting Processed LUWs with a Background Job

In tRFC and qRFC, an entry is made in database table ARFCRSTATE for each LUW that is to be processed. The default setting for function module ARFC_DEST_CONFIRM means that this entry is deleted two minutes after the successful completion of the LUW in question.

To improve performance, you can schedule processed LUWs to be deleted using a background job and thereby separate it from the actual qRFC processing.

To do this, follow the procedure below:

  1. Set profile parameter abap/arfcrstate_col_delete in profile DEFAULT.PFL (transaction RZ10) to the value X for all application servers.

    The function module ARFC_DEST_CONFIRM can no longer delete the entries in ARFCRSTATE directly.

  2. Use report RSTRFCEU to schedule a batch job. The delete task is then executed regularly (minimum: 2 minutes, default: 5 minutes) in the background.


    Do not make the time between delete jobs too large because the ARFCRSTATE table can grow very quickly.

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