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Debugging Using the bgRFC MonitorLocate this document in the navigation structure

  • The user creating the bgRFC and the user carrying out debugging must both have the new debugger set at the time of debugging.

  • Units can only be debugged directly with the bgRFC monitor if they have the status red (contain errors) or yellow (locked). Units with status error-free and not locked (green) cannot be debugged with the bgRFC Monitor.

  • The only option available here is to debug the bgRFC unit using an external breakpoints.

  • Units with errors can only be debugged with the bgRFC Monitor if the error in question is a technical one that the relevant sequence is not informed about. Otherwise, the sequence with errors must be started again from the sequence monitor and can only be debugged using an external breakpoint.


Position the cursor on the unit in question and choose Unit Analysis Start of the navigation path Debug Unit End of the navigation path from the context menu.


If you cannot find this option in the context menu, this means that you are not authorized to carry out debugging with the bgRFC monitor.