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Modifying the Start Mode of the Apache Web ServerLocate this document in the navigation structure


The Apache Web server can start in normal or SSL mode.

  • In normal mode, it only receives HTTP requests.

  • In SSL mode, it only receives HTTPS requests.

To start the Apache Web server in SSL mode, modify the configuration file TREXDaemon.ini.

  1. Log on as the TREX user ( <TREX_instance_number>).

  2. Stop TREX using the TREX daemon.

  3. Go to the TREX installation directory.

  4. Open the file TREXDaemon.ini with a text editor.

  5. In the [apache] section, add the -DSSL entry after the arguments parameter.



    arguments=-d%SAP_RETRIEVAL_PATH% /Apache -R%SAP_RETRIEVAL_PATH% /Apache/libexec -F -DSSL

    startdir=%SAP_RETRIEVAL_PATH% /Apache/bin



    affinity = 0

  6. Save and close the file.

  7. Start TREX.


When you next restart TREX, the Apache Web server is started in SSL mode.