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Configuring sapprofile.ini for TREXLocate this document in the navigation structure


Before using SNC you have to configure the TREX configuration file sapprofile.ini for SNC.

  1. Open the configuration file sapprofile.ini in a text editor.

    You will find the configuration file in the following directory of your TREX installation:

    • On UNIX /usr/sap/<sapsid>/trx<instance_number>/<trex_hostname>

    • On Windows <disk_drive>:\usr\sap\<SAPSID>\TRX<instance_number>\<trex_hostname>

  2. Set the entry snc/enable/as to the value used in section Configuring SNC on TREX Side Start of the navigation path Generating the Key Store SAPSNCS.pse End of the navigation path



  3. Switch SNC on by setting the entry snc/enable=1.

  4. Leave unchanged the entry snc/data_protection/use.