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bgRFC Scheduler: System-Specific SettingsLocate this document in the navigation structure


On the Scheduler: System tab page in the transaction SBGRFCCONF, you can configure the bgRFC scheduler for outbound and inbound processing at system level.


The settings you make here are not activated immediately (for example, when you change the number of schedulers); instead they only become active when AUTOABAP next runs.


Use this transaction only if you do not want to use the default settings.

Standard Settings

Define the following fields as required:

Number of Messages for Each Log

(Number of messages per log segment)

  • Default value: 1000

  • Value range: >= 100

Lifetime of Log Entries

(Lifetime of the messages in the application log in hours)

The entries in the application log are deleted after a predefined period of time. Do not choose a period of time that is too short. This enables users to trace actions in the system, such as the deletion of units, or the creation or removal of locks.

  • Default value: 120

  • Value range: > 0

Compression On

(Compression of application data is enabled)

  • Choose "X if you want to compress the data when it is saved.

  • Choose " if you want save the data without it being compressed.

The setting that enables better throughput in the system depends on many different factors. If you want to reduce the load on the database, compress the data. This also reduces network load. Conversely, compression requires resources on the application servers. For this reason, do not choose to compress data if network and database load are of no particular significance for your system.

  • Default: "X" (enabled)

  • Value range: "X" or space (disabled)

Deletion Time for Units (Seconds)

Deletion time for units in seconds. For performance reasons, much bgRFC data is deleted non-simultaneously. Instead, the data is initially flagged as deletable. After the time specified in this parameter has expired, a report starts that deletes the data physically from the database.

For performance reasons, do not specify a period of time that is too short. Depending on the volume of data, however, a longer time period can cause data to accumulate in the relevant tables (such as QRFC_O_UNIT).

  • Default value: 3600

  • Value range: >=120