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On the Maintain Inbound Dest. tab page in the transaction SBGRFCCONF, you can maintain a separate inbound destination for each application.

When you create an inbound destination, you can define a fixed server group for inbound processing for each application. .

When you define an inbound destination for each application you also avoid conflicts that can result from queues in different applications having the same name.

In addition to this you can also maintain the assignment of a queue prefix for the bg RFC inbound destination. By making this setting, the bgRFC (inbound) processing is set for a queue.


BgRFC cannot work without this assignment.

Standard Settings

Maintain the following fields:

Inbound Destination Name

Inbound destination name

You must define a destination for each application.

Queue Name

Prefix for inbound queues

Logon/Server Group

Server group for RFC. This must be defined in transaction RZ12 or SMLG.

Enter your chosen logon/server group in this field. A defined number of instances is assigned to this group. When users log on, they can choose to log on to logon groups. They are then forwarded automatically to the instance with the best response times.