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To ensure the bgRFC communication functions optimally, various settings can or must be made.

You can perform all the relevant steps using the transaction SBGRFCCONF.


To perform bgRFC configuration tasks, you need authorizations from authorization object S_BGRFC .


You have the following configuration options:

Basic settings

Creating a Supervisor Destination

The bgRFC cannot function if a supervisor destination has not been defined.

Recreate inbound destinations

You can create separate inbound destinations for each application to distribute the load.

Assign queue prefixes to inbound destinations

You need to make these settings in order to assign existing queue prefixes for a "classic qRFC to an inbound destination, therefore ensuring that bgRFC works without errors.

Maintain logon server groups

By assigning server groups to an inbound destination you can distribute the load.

Scheduler Configuration

To optimize the bgRFC function in terms of system performance you can make various settings for the bgRFC schedulers.


If you do not want to make any changes here, the system uses the valid default values.

More Information

You can find information about the authorizations required for bgRFC configuration under:

The settings described above can be found on the tab pages within the transaction SBGRFCCONF.

For more information about the configuration options, see:

You can find more information about setting up system resources (work processes) for bgRFC under:

  • Configuration of System Resources for RFC