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This object includes authorization checks for using services in the Internet Communication Framework ( SICF), for calling remote function modules through an RFC destination ( SM59), and for configuring proxy settings ( SICF).

In transaction SICF or SM59 you can specify any (literal) authorization value that is also stored in the authorization object. Only when they are both the same does the user have authorization to call a destination or an ICF service.

Defined Fields

This authorization object contains the following fields and values:

Authorization Object S_ICF: Structure






Type of the object that is being protected


This value protects client-side calls of services in the Internet Communication Framework.


This value protects remote calls of function modules on the client side.


This values protects the client-side editing of proxy settings.


Check value for target object (service, destination,…)

<Any literal>

(For example: ' CHECK1')

The chosen value must match the value entered in the corresponding ICF services (transaction SICF), in the proxy configuration (transaction SICF), or in the required destinations (transaction SM59).


You use ICF_FIELD to determine the function or functions that you want to protect with the authorization object. ICF_VALUE contains your chosen check values, which must match the values entered in the corresponding target object (service, destination,...).

More Information

For information about how to use the authorization object S_ICF to control access to RFC destinations by client, see the following: