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For the configuration and administration of bgRFC functions, you need various authorizations, depending on the type of activities you want to perform. The following is a description of the authorizations required for:.

  • bgRFC Configuration

  • bgRFC Monitoring

  • Debugging bgRFC Units

bgRFC Configuration

For bgRFC configuration, you need authorization object S_BGRFC. This object contains various authorization fields where you can set the type and scope of the configuration authorizations.

The bgRFC Supervisor User also needs authorizations from authorization object S_RFC. These are defined in role SAP_BC_BGRFC_SUPERVISOR.

bgRFC Monitoring

To be able to display bgRFC units in the monitor, you also need authorizations from object S_BGRFC.

Debugging bgRFC Units

You need the following authorization objects for debugging bgRFC units depending on the scenario:




  • S_RFC


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