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The security requirements for RCF and ICF communications can be split into four basic scenarios:

  • RFC communication between SAP systems (ABAP)

  • RFC communication with external (non-SAP) systems

  • ICF communication between SAP systems (ABAP)

  • ICF communication with external (non-SAP) systems


The additional security recommendations for the RFC scenario Communication with External Systems in this guide make particular reference to cases where an external system is used as a server (SAP calls the external system). If you use an external system as a client (the external system calls SAP), the appropriate SAP-specific security mechanisms are implemented on the SAP side.


Remember that the required security settings may vary according to which scenario you use.

More Information

This section of the documentation refers to scenarios for the ABAP environment. For information about the security requirements of SAP J2EE systems, see the following:

SAP NetWeaver Application Server for Java Security Guide