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The following sections describe the administration- and monitoring options when using the bgRFC.


The most important tool in terms of bgRFC administration is the bgRFC monitor. The monitor allows you to display and edit the individual queues and units.

  • You can start analysis and maintenance functions such as tracing and debugging using the monitor.


    To use these functions, you require special authorizations.

  • You can delete individual queues or units manually.


    If you regularly delete processed units, you can use delete program that runs asynchronously in the background. You can define the time intervals at which the units are to be selected for deletion by using the transaction SBGRFCCONF (in the System-Specific Settings area). You can also find this transaction in the IMG under SPRO -> SAP NetWeaver -> Application Server -> RFC -> bgRFC.

More Information

You can find the individual administration and monitoring tasks in the following sections: