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The destination parameters that you can maintain for an RFC destination are listed on the tab pages in transaction SM59.

You can make the following settings here:

  • Management information

    This section provides information such as Created On and Last Changed By.

  • Technical Settings

    You can make various settings here, depending on the connection type . These including load balancing, target system or HTTP proxy configuration settings.

  • Logon and Security

    Depending on the connection type, this section contains various options for defining logon data and security settings ( SNC , Trusted Systems , SSL )

  • Code Page Handling ( MDMP / Unicode , not for HTTP-Destinationen )

    Here, you can make code page settings (MDMP, Unicode) and define the how conversion errors are handled

  • Special Options

    You can make additional settings here, depending on the connection type. These include settings for timeout parameters, traces and data compression.

More Information

Follow the links below for detailed descriptions of the various settings: