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RFC from a Non-Unicode System into a Unicode System

The following errors may occur:

The Unicode system sends incorrect characters.

An MDMP system sends data in an unknown language. Due to this, the Unicode system is unable to determine the code page of this data for the conversion.

Unicode return characters cannot be converted into the required non-Unicode code page

Output buffer is overrun while returning the results

The Unicode system being called reacts to conversion errors depending on the profile parameters



by using a replacement character, or by terminating the call.

You can specify the replacement character using its UTF-16 character number. The default character therefore has the value 0023. The character "~" would therefore have the value 007E, for example. You can find a list of the Unicode character numbers at published on non-SAP site.

Default: Ignore errors and replace non-convertible characters with character '#'.

The system making the call receives the exception COMMUNICATION_FAILURE with the message connection closed.

RFC from a Unicode System into a Non-Unicode System

The following errors may occur:

The non-Unicode system returns incorrect results data.

A text language is unknown.

The Unicode system sends characters that cannot be converted into the required non-Unicode code page.

The receiver buffer of the non-Unicode system overruns.

In the calling system, the reaction to conversion errors can be configured separately for each destination. See transaction SM59 Defining Remote Destinations.

For the system being called, a conversion error is not visible. The calling Unicode system identifies errors in the input data before it triggers an action on the called page; the calling Unicode system only identifies errors in the output data if the called context has already been disconnected.