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Setting Up the Web Administration InterfaceLocate this document in the navigation structure


Either the Web Dispatcher or ICM is installed.

Choose package WDISPADMIN.SAR or ICMADMIN.SAR. This contains the ICP control files for the Web Dispatcher or ICM.

  1. Define the parameter icm/HTTP/admin_<xx> in the Web Disaptcher/ICM profile in the line:

    icm/HTTP/admin_0 = PREFIX=/sap/admin,DOCROOT=./admin,PORT=8888,HOST=ls3022.

    This sets the URL prefix for the administration to /sap/admin and the path for the ICP control files to ./admin.

    With this parameter access to the Web Administration interface can be further restricted: To a port (for example, SSL port), to a local host name (for example, localhost), or to an external host name (then the Web Administration interface can only be accessed from this host).

  2. Specify this port with icm/server_port_<xx> as the inbound port.

  3. Create an administration user as described under Creating Administration Users. The authorization file icmauth.txt will be generated.

  4. Make sure that file icmauth.txt exists in the work directory (the file name can be named something else in icm/HTTP/admin_<xx>). If it does not, generate the file icmauth.txt using program wdispmon or icmon, by calling it with option -a.

  5. Ensure that the directory specified by DOCROOT (after the Web Dispatcher has been started for the first time) contains the files for the Web administration interface (for example, a default.html).

    You can also unpack archive wdispadmin.SAR or icmadmin.SAR manually into a subdirectory with the name admin, by calling SAPCAR -xvf <wdisp|icm> admin.SAR in the work directory.

SAP Web Dispatcher: Alternative

You can generate the profile file for the Web Dispatcher sapwebdisp.pfl and create the authorization file automatically icmauth.txt (with user icmadm). The SAP Web Dispatcher is also automatically started with the generated profile. If the files already exist, they are not changed.

Use bootstrap option sapwebdisp -bootstrap.

The Web Dispatcher bootstrap creates a user icmadm in group admin with a random eight character password, and outputs, for example, the following:

Web Administration user is "icmadm" with password "RdUAs27F"


You can now use the Web administration interface.

In the logon dialog box enter (in the above example) user icmadm and password RdUAs27F.

You can now set up other administration users.


After the SAP Web Dispatcher has been installed you should change the password of user icmadm.

More Information

SAP recommends you use SSL with the client certificate to access the administration interface. For more information see Using the Web Admin Interface with Certificate X.509.