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To guarantee the security of your RFC connections, include the following points in your setup and take the appropriate measures:

General Measures

  • Restricting Maintenance Authorizations for RFC Destinations (Transaction SM59)

  • Storing User Information for System Users Only (Not for Dialog Users)

  • Restrict access to the table RFCDES (information on RFC destinations)

  • Use authorization checks in (application) function modules if you want to call these modules using RFC.

  • Use secure network communications.

  • Deactivate remote monitoring of the SAP Gateways

  • Granting Authorizations for RFC Traces and Debugging Restrictively

  • Using a Low Trace Level

Special Measures for External RFC Servers

  • Prevent misuse of the RFC Software Development Kit

  • Allow RFC connections from known and selected systems only

  • Restrict the use of external RFC server programs

  • Restrict access to RFC server program RFCEXEC or RFCEXEC.EXE (only relevant for classic RFC API).


    For a more detailed description of these measures, see the appropriate scenario.

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