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The queue parameters control the interaction between the queue server and the index server. In particular, they specify when the queue server triggers indexing and optimization of documents. It is important for performance reasons that you have optimum settings for the queue parameters.

When TREX creates a queue it uses the default settings for the queue parameters. Depending on the document sets that you have to index initially and on the type of documents you index, you may have to change the default settings.


The default settings that TREX uses for new queues are defined in the configuration file TREXQueueServer.ini. You can change the default settings. However, you should only make changes to configuration files after consulting SAP support or with a consultant.


You have already created indexes.


You can change the queue parameters for existing queues as follows:



TREX Admin Tool

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TREX monitor in the portal

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TREX Admin Tool in the SAP System

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For more information about the meaning of the queue parameters, see the SAP Library at