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Configuring Resources for bgRFCLocate this document in the navigation structure


If you want to use bgRFC functionality, you need to have sufficient system resources in the form of dialog work processes.


To use the bgRFC, the following parameter needs to be defined in the instance profile file ( make/<sysid>/profil_gen.txt) or maintained dynamically using transaction RZ11.

  • rdisp/wp_no_dia: Number of dialog work processes


    When making this setting, you need to consider the following:

    This parameter specifies the maximum number of all dialog work processes.

    You can work out the minimum number of work processes that you need for the bgRFC using the following rule of thumb:

    • Inbound processing: Number of schedulers used + 2

    • Outbound processing: Number of schedulers +2

    • Outbound and inbound processing: Total number of schedulers + 4


      The performance of bgRFC processing does not necessarily depend on the number of schedulers. With a low workload level, it is possible to obtain greater throughput with fewer schedulers.

  • rdisp/autoabaptime: AUTOABAP (sapmssy6); Default 300 s (Minimum 60 s)


    The value entered here determines the time that elapses before schedulers are restarted. If the AUTOABAP runs every 300s, the scheduler restarts after 300s.

Report RSRZLDG0 can be used to reset AUTOABAP runs that contains errors.

More Information

You can find information about dynamic adjustment of the number of work processes under: