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As the communication options using the Internet have been enhanced, this has also placed new demands on data exchange between business systems.

A large number of different systems are now capable of exchanging business data at short notice and using standardized and universally applicable formats and communication channels.

Business systems must therefore be able to communicate with each other using the central structures of Internet technology ( HTTP, HTTPS, XML; SOAP).

To achieve this, it is necessary to transform the proprietary structures of a system into the Internet standards.

SAP provides a range of components that translate the ABAP standards ( RFC, IDoc, BAPI) into the communication formats of the Internet.

In addition, it must be possible to develop applications for SAP systems that are not based on ABAP programming. SAP also provides products for this purpose.


You can find information about Java-based components in the documentation of the relevant product in the SAP Help Portal (for example, AS Java) or on the SAP Service Marketplace ( for the standalone components SAP JCo, SAP .Net Connector, and SAP Business Connector (PDF format).

This section contains information on the following components: