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The name server manages information on the entire TREX system. It makes sure that the TREX servers can communicate with each other and that they receive all necessary information. The name server has the following tasks:

  • Managing topology data

    The topology data includes information on the central components of a TREX system (TREX servers, indexes, and queues).

  • Coordinating replication services

    The replication services are only relevant for a distributed TREX system. The name server has information on which TREX server has a particular data status. It makes sure that changed data is replicated.

  • Load-balancing

    The name server accepts requests and distributes them to the responsible TREX servers. It is responsible for distributing indexes and search queries.

  • Ensuring high availability

    The name server launches several watch dogs. They constantly monitor whether the TREX servers are available. If a TREX is not available, the name server ensures that the TREX server that is down does not receive any requests.