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You can carry out the following tasks in the index administration area:

  • Display technical information about indexes

  • Activate delta indexes, deactivate them, and manually integrate them into the main index

  • Completely delete indexes or delete their content (both functions only for test purposes or troubleshooting).

  • Display information about the distribution of the indexes and the status of index replication

  • Trigger and terminate index replication


The following table provides an overview of the windows and functions that are available in this area.



Index Admin

This window displays technical information about indexes.

For example, here you can see the time of the last indexing, the number of searchable documents, or the disk space taken up by the index.

Index Hierarchy

This window displays the hierarchical structure of the index.

It shoes the index type of an index. In the case of a split index, you can see which index parts it consists of.

More information: Index Types.

Join Index Info

Displays technical information about compound indexes and BIA indexes.

Index Landscape

Here you can see the distribution of the indexes among the different index servers. In addition, you can check the index replication status.

For more information, see Index Distribution and Index Replication Status.

In addition, you carry out the following activities here:

  • Delete indexes and temporary indexes

  • Export indexes

  • Split and merge indexes


This area displays information about index use and statistics.


In this window, you can send search queries for test purposes.

Attribute Mining

You can use this TREX function to display the statistical distribution of attributes in an index.