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Changing a Central GatewayLocate this document in the navigation structure


If you are using a central Gateway for an RFC connection, it can be necessary to change the Gateway. One possible reason for this is that you exchange the machine that the Gateway runs on.


The new Gateway is started.

  1. Specify the new Gateway in the RFC destination in the SAP system.

    You make this change directly in the SAP system using transaction SM59.

  2. Go to the Landscape: RFC window in the TREX admin tool (standalone).

  3. Choose Connect to connect to the SAP systems.

  4. Select the RFC connection for which the central Gateway has changed.

    The lower half of the window displays the following:

    • One or more cells in the table are yellow.

    • These table cells contain the message GW available, but not set in TREX.

  5. Choose Repair All to update the TREX configuration.


Alternatively, you can add the new Gateway to the TREX configuration as follows:

  • In the lower window area, select a table cell that displays the message GW available, but not set in TREX.

  • In the context menu, choose Add GW Host <...>.

  • Repeat the last two steps for all cells that this message appears in.