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Starting and Stopping TREXLocate this document in the navigation structure


You use the following methods to start and stop TREX:


  • TREX admin tool (standalone)

  • The startsap.exe and stopsap.exe executable files

  • SAP Management Console


    As of TREX 7.10, the SAP Management Console is a snap-in in the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) and is no longer part of the TREX installation. To start TREX with the SAP Management Console, you must have installed the console in your TREX system first.


  • TREX admin tool (standalone)

  • Shell scripts startsap and stopsap

Starting and Stopping the TREX Web Server and Individual TREX Servers

When administrating TREX, you may need to stop (and then restart) the TREX Web server (Windows: IIS/UNIX: Apache) and individual TREX servers. The procedures differ depending on whether you are using Windows or UNIX.