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Configuring Security Policy PropertiesLocate this document in the navigation structure


  • You have logged on to SAP NetWeaver Administrator using the following address: http://[host]:[port]/nwa

  • The user account you use to configure the UDDI server is assigned to the NWA_SUPERADMIN role. For more information, see User Management of the Application Server Java .


The publishing, replication, discovery, inquiry, custody, subscription, and value set UDDI server APIs are implemented according to the UDDI v3.0 specification. You can configure the security policy properties of the these APIs in SAP NetWeaver Administrator.

For more information about the APIs, refer to .


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  2. In the Policy screen area, you can modify the following common API properties:

    • Authentication Token Validity Min and Transfer Token Validity Min are the durations (in minutes) of the period for which a given authentication or transfer token is valid, respectively.

    • Max Rows in Find Response is the number of entities displayed when the UDDI server returns a search result.

    • You can specify how the system logs SOAP messages in Mode of SOAP trace .

      Select Parse to store the messages in an XML hierarchy format. Select Raw to store the messages in the same shape in which they are received.

  3. Use the controls in the Disable screen area if you need to disable a particular API of the UDDI server.

  4. Use the text fields in the Endpoints screen area if you need to modify the URL of a particular API of the UDDI server.

  5. Save the changes.