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SAP NetWeaver Administrator provides functions for configuring the UDDI server as part of the application server in an SAP NetWeaver system. The UDDI server implements the UDDI v3.0 specification. For more information about the UDDI v3.0 specification, refer to .

The UDDI server contains a UDDI registry that is available for publishing and discovering business entities, services, and tModels, and for binding templates. This registry is accessible through a Web-based client that can be started from the home page of the AS Java at http://[host]:[port]/sr/uddi

The Services Registry, SAP's registry for providing and discovering Web services, is also based on the UDDI server.

For more information, see Using the UDDI Server and Discovering Services in the Services Registry .


  1. To start with the administration of the UDDI server, open SAP NetWeaver Administrator, choose Start of the navigation path SOA Management Next navigation step Technical Configuration Next navigation step Services Registry Configuration End of the navigation path, and choose the UDDI Server Configuration tab.

  2. Configure the basic UDDI server settings.

    For more information, see Configuring UDDI Server Settings .

  3. Configure security settings for the UDDI server APIs.

    For more information, see Configuring Security Policy Properties .

  4. You can export data from the UDDI server.

    For more information, see Exporting Data from the UDDI Server .

  5. You can import data into the UDDI server.

    For more information, see Importing Data into the UDDI Server .