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Changing the Timeout for the HTTP Connection of the GRMG RequestLocate this document in the navigation structure


The GRMG availability monitoring is started by the data collection method GRMG_TRIGGER. In general, data collection methods that run in dialog must not exceed a certain runtime, which is, by default around 150 seconds (50 percent of the maximum runtime for dialog work processes; profile parameter rdisp/max_wprun_time). If this value is exceeded, the method is initially set to Fatal Error. Although this status is automatically reset by the method GRMG_RESET_TOOL, whereby the method is started again by the system (see Executing GRMG Scenarios in the Background), the availability monitoring is nevertheless affected by a timeout. You can avoid this problem in two ways:

  • Change parameter CONN_TIMEOUT of the method GRMG_TRIGGER


    We recommend that you use this procedure if you are only monitoring a small number of GRMG scenarios.

    Since the keep-alive timeout of the Internet Communication Manager is too large to prevent a termination of the method with Fatal Error, since it has the default value of 900 seconds, the parameter CONN_TIMEOUT is available in the data collection method GRMG_TRIGGER. If this timeout is exceeded, a scenario error with the message Reason for HTTP POST Failure: HTTP communication failure is generated (more information: GRMG Self-Monitoring Monitor).

    The parameter CONN_TIMEOUT has a default value of 10 seconds. Increase the value of the parameter if the affected server does not process the GRMG requests correctly, depending on the network utilization and the affected HTTP server. Note, however, that the total runtime of the method GRMG_TRIGGER (during which all scenarios are usually checked) must not become too large.

  • Execute the GRMG availability monitoring in the background

    Proceed as described in Executing GRMG Scenarios in the Background. We recommend that you use this procedure if you are monitoring a large number of GRMG scenarios (as of about 50).


If you want to change the parameter CONN_TIMEOUT of the method GRMG_TRIGGER, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose Start of the navigation path CCMS Next navigation step Configuration Next navigation step Alert Monitor End of the navigation path, or call transaction RZ21.

  2. The Monitoring: Properties and Methods screen appears. In the Methods group box, select Method Definitions and choose the Display Overview button.

  3. Select the method GRMG_TRIGGER, and choose the Edit Data button.

  4. The Monitoring: Methods screen appears. Choose the Parameters tab page.

  5. Switch to change mode by choosing the Display/Change button.

  6. Enter the value of the timeout in seconds in the Parameter Value of the parameter CONN_TIMEOUT.

  7. Save your changes.