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 Loading a GRMG Customizing File into the Central Monitoring SystemLocate this document in the navigation structure


You require a suitable GRMG Customizing file for each GRMG scenario. The file contains information that the GRMG infrastructure (which runs on the central monitoring system) requires to monitor a particular application. To monitor a component with GRMG, the templates for the corresponding GRMG scenarios must therefore be transferred to the central monitoring system.


The transfer of the Customizing file is processed in part automatically in the case of many applications that can be monitored with the GRMG (see Activating and Customizing Monitoring with the GRMG). You therefore only need to perform this procedure if the transfer of the Customizing file using a CCMS agent is not envisaged by the application.

  1. Start transaction GRMG. The Generic Request and Message Generator screen appears.
  2. Choose the  Upload button.
  3. Templates for the Customizing files are delivered with the application. Check the documentation for the application to find out where the templates are stored, and select the desired path and the desired file. You can upload the file from any file system to which you have access from your front end.

    Note that the Customizing file is an XML document and must therefore also correspond to the XML standard. In the values of the tags (such as the URL), you must therefore format special characters, such as ampersand (&) specially:

    Special Character Replace With











    Therefore, if you receive a message with the text Customizing has errors... unexpected character, edit the template with an editor and replace the above special characters.


You have uploaded the template for a GRMG Customizing file into the central monitoring system. As your next step, adjust this template (see Adjusting a GRMG Customizing File).