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If you want to monitor multiple systems, enter the Target System ID of the system to be monitored. This is usually the system ID of the system. The monitoring infrastructure uses this target system ID to identify and differentiate between all monitored systems.

It is now possible that you want to monitor multiple systems with an identical system ID. This situation occurs in particular in very large IT landscapes or with outsourcing. In this case, nodes from different systems, but which are known by the same target system ID in the monitoring infrastructure, can no longer be clearly assigned to the corresponding system. You should therefore assign target system IDs that are unique system landscape-wide in the case of multiple systems with an identical system ID. When doing this, you must only ensure that the first three characters of the target system ID match the system ID of the corresponding system.

The nodes of the systems can then be assigned to exactly one system within the central monitoring system using the unique target system ID. However, only the first three characters of the target system ID are used during access to the remote system (such as for data collection or to execute and analysis method). As these three characters are the three-character system ID, it is possible to read and process data in the remote system. When transporting data back to the central system, the system ID is again supplemented by the target system ID known in the central system. The longer target system ID is always used in the central monitoring system.


To do this, follow the procedure described in Registering SAP NetWeaver Components and Hosts in CEN. Specify the desired target system ID as the System ID. Ensure that you fulfill the following three conditions when doing so:

  • The first three characters of the target system ID match the system ID of the remote system.

  • The target system ID is unique among all monitored systems.

  • The target system ID has a maximum length of eight characters.

The rest of the procedure is the same as the standard registration of a system to be monitored.


Note that when you are registering the SAPCCMSR -j2ee agent using the Visual Administrator, the target system ID cannot contain an underscore ( _) (see Installing an Agent on a Java Instance (Java Standalone System)).