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Importing and Assigning Data TypesLocate this document in the navigation structure


In this step you import an XSD file and assign a data type to the model data objects to make your model work. The XSD file defines the data types you assign.


Importing an XSD file

  1. In the Developer Studio , choose Start of the navigation path File  Next navigation step  Import End of the navigation path.

  2. In the dialog box that appears, expand Web services and choose XSD . Choose the Next pushbutton.

  3. Define an output folder for the XSD file. To do that, choose the Browse pushbutton, expand your glx project and navigate to the src\wsdl folder. Choose the OK pushbutton.

  4. From the Available XSD sources, select Remote Location / File System and choose the Next pushbutton.

  5. Choose the Browse pushbutton and navigate through the file system to select the XSD file to import. Choose the Open pushbutton and then choose the Finish pushbutton.

    The XSD file appears in your glx project, in the Start of the navigation path Process Modeling Next navigation step Data Types Next navigation step  XSD Files End of the navigation path folder.

Assigning a Data Type

The data objects in your process model have type string assigned to them by default. The following steps describe how you change the default data type.

  1. In the modeling surface, choose the Book_order_details data object.

  2. In the Properties view, open the Data Type tab page.

  3. In the Data Type field, select a data type from the dropdown menu.

  4. Assign a data type to the Book_replenishment_form and Customer_details_form data objects. To do that, repeat the above steps.


You have imported an XSD file and have assigned a data type to a data object in your process model.