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Creating a ProcessLocate this document in the navigation structure

This wizard helps you to create a new process along with pool and lanes. It also allows you to create start and end event for the new process.


In this step you create a process to place your business model flow objects in it and to create flow control connections between the flow objects. The process is the basis of your business process model.


  1. In the Developer Studio , choose Start of the navigation path Window Next navigation step Open Perspective Next navigation step Other Next navigation step Process Development End of the navigation path and choose the OK pushbutton.

  2. In Project Explorer view, expand your glx project.

  3. Expand Process Modeling .

  4. In the context menu of Processes , choose New Process... .

  5. Enter glx_test_wf in the Name field and optionally a description in the Documentation field. Choose the Next pushbutton.

  6. (Optional) Create start and end event from a selected trigger.

    This option is active by default and the DefaultService_Empty trigger is selected. You can remove the selection of the Create start and end event from the selected trigger checkbox if you want to deactivate this option and create a start and end event later during modeling the process.

  7. Choose the Finish pushbutton.


Your process is created.

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