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There are a number of work environments available for monitoring process chain runs:

  • BW Monitor in the Computing Center Management System (CCMS)

    Use the BW Monitor in the CCMS to monitor your system landscape centrally and globally, and possibly also to apply external monitoring tools.

  • Technical Content

    Use the technical content to report about the status of the process chains (for example in a service contract as administrator) or to use custom dashboards for global monitoring of your system landscape.

  • Process Chain Transactions in the BW System

    Use this transaction to monitor a given BW system.

    • Monitoring of Periodic Process Chains (Transaction RSPCM)

      Use this transaction to regularly check the status of the current runs for selected process chains. You can navigate to the detailed log view for a process chain run from here.

    • Log view for runs of a process chain in process chain maintenance (transaction RSPC)

      Use this transaction to display one or more runs for a process chain in the log view.

    • Process Chain Maintenance for a Given Process Chain Run (Transaction RSPC1)

      Use this transaction to call the log view for this run by specifying the log ID of a concrete process chain run.

Monitoring Process Chain Runs in the BW Monitor in the CCMS

The Alert Monitor of the CCMS displays the runs for a given time and the relevant status information for process chains.

More information: BW Monitor in CCMS

Monitoring the Process Chain Status with the Technical Content

The technical content provides you with objects for evaluating the process chain status.

More information: Technical Content in the BW Administration Cockpit.

Monitoring Process Chain Runs in Transaction RSPCM

With transaction RSPCM you monitor the last run of selected process chains.

More information: Monitoring Current Runs of Periodic Process Chains

Monitoring Process Chain Runs in the Log View in Process Chain Maintenance

You go to the log view of process chain maintenance from the process chain maintenance (transaction RSPC) or process chain maintenance for a given process chain (transaction RSPC1). You check the logs for process chain runs here.

More information: Process Chain Log Display