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Connecting Flow Objects in a ProcessLocate this document in the navigation structure


  • You have created the necessary flow objects.

  • You have opened the Process Development perspective in the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio and have expanded your project in Project Explorer view.


You create sequence flows to connect flow objects in the process and to define their order of performance in the process.


  1. Expand Process Modeling , then expand Processes .

  2. In the context menu of a process, choose Open .

  3. Expand Connections from Palette .

  4. Choose Sequence Flow and choose a flow object in the modeling surface.

  5. Create a connection to another flow object using drag and drop.


    If you create an outgoing sequence flow from an exclusive choice gateway, you also have to define a condition for the sequence flow. You make the sequence flow default by selecting the Make this gate the default (the condition is not evaluated) checkbox. You define the condition by an expression. For more information, see Creating Expressions .