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You create service interface definitions or WSDL files to use them in your business process model and so you can execute it. You define operations for the service interface definitions you use in your process. The operation is an abstract description of an action supported by the service.

After you have created the necessary WSDL files, you can include them in a Service Group to be able to easily configure them when you deploy your process. For more information, see Working with Service Groups .


You have opened the Process Development perspective in the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio and have expanded your project in the Project Explorer view.


1. Create the WSDL File

  1. Expand Process Modeling , then expand Service Interfaces .

  2. In the context menu of the WSDL Files folder, choose New WSDL... .

  3. In the dialog that appears, specify a parent folder for the WSDL file and a file name, and choose the Next pushbutton.

  4. Specify the attributes for the new WSDL file and choose the Finish pushbutton.

    The service interface appears in the Service Interfaces folder and the WSDL file appears in the WSDL Files folder. If the service interface does not appear in the Service Interfaces folder, you have to manually import it:

    1. In WSDL Files folder, choose the WSDL file of the service.

    2. In the context menu, choose Reimport .

      The service interface definition appears in \Process Modeling\ Service Interfaces folder.

2. Define the Operation

  1. Expand Process Modeling , then expand Service Interfaces , then WSDL Files .

  2. In the context menu of the WSDL file of a service interface definition, choose Open .

    The WSDL file opens for editing.

  3. Choose the Operation Name field in the editor area and specify a name and optionally a description in the Properties view.

  4. Choose the input field in the editor area.

  5. Choose General in the Properties view and specify a name for the operation input in the Name field.

  6. Select a message from the Message dropdown menu.

    Repeat the above steps to specify a name and a message for the operation output.