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This documentation explains the functions of the authorization for aggregated values that are assigned by means of a colon (:).

You must have authorization for aggregated values to display the values of an authorization-relevant characteristic in aggregated form in the query.


Characteristic 0COUNTRY is authorization-relevant and is contained in the InfoProvider that is being used. You have defined a query as follows:

1. Case 1: 0COUNTRY is contained in the free characteristics (not in the drilldown) without any selections.

2. Case 2: 0COUNTRY is not used in the query.

In both cases, no values of 0COUNTRY are displayed in the query. Characteristic 0COUNTRY is not restricted to any values. During the authorization check, authorization for aggregated values is required. In the authorization log, the message "Check for ':' was added" appears.

Note in particular:

  • Case 2 is often overlooked: The authorization-relevant characteristic is not contained in the query, but in the InfoProvider. This does not mean that no authorization check takes place for this characteristic. The displayed key figures are implicitly aggregated over all values of the characteristic and this display form must also be authorized.
  • In a query, a selection can occur locally in a restricted key figure or in a structure. If, however, there are other key figures in the query for which this local selection is not valid (and for which no other selection is valid), the authorization for aggregated values is also required in the authorization.

For authorization problems of this type, you can do the following:

  • If queries that have no restrictions are to display values: Give the user authorization for aggregated values.
  • If you do not want to give the user authorization for aggregated values: Restrict the characteristic in the query to a certain selection (single value, interval, hierarchy nodes, and so on) and authorize this selection explicitly.

You must take one or other of these actions if the characteristic is authorization-relevant.

Other Special Features
  • The asterisk (*) authorization authorizes everything, including queries that require authorization for aggregated values.
  • If you use a variable of type Fill from Authorization, the authorization for aggregated values is not taken into consideration, since at the time the variable is processed the system does not know if the characteristic in question is in the drilldown.