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Role of a SAP user in the CCMS in accordance with the authorization concept.


SAP users with the role SAP_BC_LVC_ADMINISTRATOR can monitor, administer and configure the SAP liveCache database.

SAP users with this role can perform the following actions:

  • Monitoring of runtime behavior and critical situations

  • Starting and stopping SAP liveCache

  • Integrating new SAP liveCache databases

  • Changing of integration data

  • Changing of SAP liveCache configuration and parameters

SAP users with this role cannot perform the following actions:

  • Initializing SAP liveCache


The appropriate user menus are available in DBA Cockpit.

DBA Function

Tool / DBA Action

DBA Planning Calendar

You can use the DBA Planning Calendar to manage backups and monitoring and analyzing activities.

MaxDB/liveCache System Overview

In complex system landscapes, access database administration functions using the MaxDB/liveCache System Overview transaction.

liveCache Assistant

You can monitor your SAP liveCache with the liveCache Assistant.

CCMS Monitoring

Among many other displays, the CCMS Monitoring also includes the liveCache Alert Monitor, which displays critical information about memory, security and performance as alerts.