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To enable you to start/stop/initialize an SAP liveCache database from outside the SAP system as well as within it, corresponding function modules have been implemented. This also means that an SAP liveCache database can be started/stopped/initialized by calling the corresponding function module from scripts.

The function modules concerned are those listed below, from function group SLCR:

Function Module Name

Corresponding Function in the SAP System


Report RSLVCSTART, Start liveCache


Report RSLVCSTOP, Stop liveCache


Report RSLVCINIT, Initialize liveCache


The RFC runtime and RFC SDK libraries are installed on your local host (as part of the complete SAP GUI installation). This means that you have the program STARTRFC, required to call the function modules. As of SAP NetWeaver 720, STARTRFC is no longer included in the RFC SDK. For more information, see SAP Note 1581595 Information published on SAP site. You can therefore no longer use STARTRFC to call these function modules.


The function modules START_LIVECACHE_LVC and STOP_LIVECACHE_LVC are not available for an SAP liveCache OneDB.


For more information about this topic, see SAP Note 568478 Information published on SAP site.