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Scheduling a Database Structure CheckLocate this document in the navigation structure


Schedule database structure checks at regular intervals in the DBA Planning Calendar. Update the database structure checks, if necessary.

Use the display DB Filling/Tables and Indexes for the consistency checks between the ABAP Dictionary and the database system.


  1. Follow the scheduling concept.
  2. Open the DBA Planning Calendar.
  3. You can use an action pattern to check the database structure.
  4. To schedule database structure checks, proceed as described in Scheduling an Action. Use the following actions:
    • Check database structure of the snapshot: The structure of the objects in the snapshot are checked.

    • Check database structure: Checks the structure of all tables and indexes.

    • Check database structure (tables only): Checks the structure of the tables.


The database structures are checked at the specified time.

Check the scheduling and the results of the database structure check in the DBA Planning Calendar, as described in Displaying Actions. Use the information displayed in the DBA History. Also use the Database Structure Check display in the Database Alert Monitor or liveCache Alert Monitor.